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New Page

How to build a new page in the English wiki (

Follow this steps to present your story in this wiki.
Start at the Main Page of the Wiki: On the front page you can see an overview of the stories in this wiki (left hand), some tutorials and references. There is a search box at the top right corner of the inner window. You find a link whre you can log in or register. You have to be a registered user to this wiki to give a contribution to this page in your language. to this wiki. Let us assume that you want to present a story about Copernicus.

Step 01: Get an overview where to log in, where to search, etc.

First Step

Search for Copernicus on this wiki in order to check if this title is perhaps already assigned to another story. Fill the word Copernicus in the search box and click on the search button.

Step 02: search for the title of the story that you want to contribute with the search box and search button

Second Step

If the result tells you that this title is not already given to a story you click on the emphasized link to create the wiki page for your story.

Step 3: click here to create a page that was not found before

Third step

Use the wiki-editor to arrange your story into this wiki-page.

Step 3: Edit your story with the wiki language

Refer to this link to learn more about formatting of your wiki editor:

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